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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A Collection of Pagan and Historical Stories

This is a collection of spellbinding short stories which take place in ancient Rome and in South America. They are concisely and clearly written, in a literary fashion, with humor, irony, and super natural elements. If you are agnostic, broad-minded (with a different view of the universe) and 18+ years old, then these stories are for you. You will find them gripping and fascinating.

Link: Collection of Pagan Stories

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Cuentos de misterio y románticos de Argentina

 La "Colección de cuentos del Norte argentino" es una selección de las cuatro mejores novelas breves escrita por Carlos B. Camacho. Magistralmente ambientadas y narradas, en ellas encontraran suspenso, giros inesperados, erotismo y pasión. Las mismas transcurren en épocas históricas del país.

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Monday, February 22, 2021

National Identity vs Globalization

Just as a human being must have self-awareness and self-identity in order to know who he really is and where he is standing in life for a normal social relationship with his fellow beings, a people must have a solid national identity to be able to govern themselves with their own sovereign laws and through an independent State to be able to establish genuine and sound diplomatic relations with the other nations of the world for prosperity and peace.

At an individual level, self-identity implies having grown up and developed a healthy personality, with an indivisible self, who thinks and behaves in one whole piece; otherwise you are either suffering from psychopathy or schizophrenia (split personality), which render you unable to interact with other individuals of your social group and enrich yourself in the process. Being a schizophrenic or a psychopath means you either belong in a psychiatric hospital or in jail, because you are unstable and do not function properly, with a tendency to harm others as you lack empathy and the necessary anchor that moors you to the tangible reality. A human being can only be free when he knows his true self and feel himself whole.

At a collective level, national identity implies the cultural fabric of a group of people. This means their patterns of feelings, thinking and behavior which they use to interrelate with one another through mores and social convention. In other words, national identity is culture, which is the tightly woven fabric that holds a people together in one social piece. Without national identity, a nation would be split up, that is to say, politically and socially schizophrenic and unable to independently govern themselves through their own fundamental Law, which is a Constitution. And when a nation is schizophrenic, it is said that it is in a state of chaos and anarchy.

For both national and self-identity, memory is fundamental as many people world-wide have an eerie feeling that there is a plot afoot to erase our memory and national values.

Globalism: an instrument of enslavement

You cannot manipulate an individual with a solid psychological integrity (self-identity and self awareness). You can only sway and control the weak, that is to say those who have not acquired a stable and mature personality (children, teenagers and emotionally vulnerable people). This is something that has to do with the lack of full development of your brain fasciculi (bundles) that keep you together in one whole piece. It is estimated that about 60% of the population of the United States and Latin America do not have a fully and solidly developed psychological integrity and, therefore, they are vulnerable to mass media propaganda and circumstantial ingratiating psychopaths. Reasons: lack of animal proteins and vitamin B12 in their diets, and child neglect in a split family.

The globalism's advocates employ one powerful, paralyzing weapon to control the population: fear, using mass media as a means to deliver it. In 2020, fear had been labeled "covid-19". If you describe the "new disease" using computer terminology, you can say it is a psychological malware designed to corrode the hard disk and integrated circuits of national identity and collective memory and install new patterns of thinking and behavior in your mind by erasing your history, traditions, and customs from your mind as the warm human smile is cloaked and eclipsed by the surgical mask of a world's sanitary dictatorship.

Devised, by psychopathic billionaires who want to control the world's population, this mass media disease is the instrument by which they force governments of sovereign nations to impose restrictive measures and lockdowns that violates their Constitutions and local laws, thus, making them betray their countries' independence declarations and violate their citizens civil liberties and human rights. These American psychopaths also promote and support vegetarianism and the massive consumption of junk food (carbs) and alcohol, making the pharmaceutical industry gain trillions of dollars. Now, they are implementing the reset of the population, making of independent nations massive concentration camps.

Friday, February 19, 2021

How WW1 began (causes)

Although the spark that started World War One was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, carried out by Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian-Serbian nationalist, three causes created the right political and military circumstances for this world-wide armed conflict to take place: 1) the geopolitical, economic, and military rivalry between Great Britain and the German Empire; 2) the system of alliances that forced each of the European powers to get involved in the war; 3) the late 19th and early 20th century arms race, known as the Armed Peace.

In 1907, Great Britain, France, and Russia had signed the Triple Entente, which was a military defensive pact to counteract the Triple Alliance, which was a military alliance that had been signed, in 1882, by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Upon the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo, on June 28, 1914, Austria-Hungary sent Serbia an ultimatum on July 23, demanding the Serbian government to dissolve the Serbian nationalist organization Narodna Odbrana, held responsible for plotting the assassination, and to condemn and suspend any publications that provoked hatred of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Sarajevo was the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which had been annexed from Serbia to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1878. Since the Slav country did not answer satisfactorily the ultimatum, the Austrian emperor, Francis Joseph I, declared the war on Serbia on July 28. Because Russia was bound to Serbia by a military alliance, the Czar Nicholas II ordered a mobilization against Austria-Hungary. As a result, the German Empire declared the war on Russia on August 1. Since France threatened Germany with a military mobilization and redeployment of troops, Germany declared the war on the French on August 3 and proceeded to attack Belgium in order to invade France. Faithful to the Triple Entente agreements, Great Britain declared war on Germany on August 4, 1914. Turkey sided with Germany due to a previous military pact, while Italy, which had decided not to abide by the Triple Alliance agreements, declared war on Austro-Hungary. Thus, WW1 was a three-front armed conflict, with a Western, Eastern, and a Southern Front.

During the first months, the war was dynamic as Germany implemented the Schlieffen Plan, moving his forces across Belgium to surround and defeat the French Army in northern France. However, the British and French forces managed to stop the German troops at the First Battle of the Marne on September 12, 1914. From then on, the war would become a static armed struggle, with both sides launching ineffectual attacks and counterattacks from long lines of trenches, in which the soldiers of both sides found protection from artillery and machine gun fire, as they tried to conquer enemy-held ground by attacking the opposite line of trenches in suicidal attacks. This was how World War I was characterized.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Grandes paradojas de la humanidad

Una de las dos grandes paradojas de la humanidad es que el cerebro de un profesional que se recibió de un centro de altos estudios no fue diseñado por un equipo de neurólogos y biólogos en un claustro o laboratorio universitario, sino que lo heredó de los primitivos cazadores del último periodo glacial e interglacial, que evolucionó luchando por la supervivencia. Un ambiente extremadamente hostíl fue el verdadero laboratorio de la naturaleza donde emergió la gran máquina de pensar y crear. A tal punto es así, que el volúmen de la caja craneana del Hombre de Neanderthal (Homme de la Chapelle) y de Cro-Magnon era superior (entre 1.600 y 1.450 cm3) al del orgulloso doctor universitario, cuyo volúmen de masa encefálica es de sólo unos 1.350 cm3 (por achicamiento cerebral por cambio de dieta y medio ambiente según estudios antropológicos).

La otra gran paradoja es que el 80% de los grandes genios de la humanidad nunca fueron a la universidad. Sin embargo, la mayor parte de los profesionales hacen de su título universitario un título nobiliario con el cual el pretende ascender en la escala social. Como si este pedazo de papel hubiera sido obtenido por "derecho divino". Estos graduados de "alta alcurnia" no toman consciencia que el 80% de los grandes inventos, descubrimientos, y las grandes obras de arte, de la literatura y la música fueron realizadas por hombres sin estudios universitarios, y en muchos casos sin siquiera tener estudios secundarios. A que se debe esto? Esto se debe a que las universidades, más que centros de formación se han convertidos en centros de deformación ideológica, creando "profesionales" con mentes estrechas y estructuradas, que se regocijan cuando lo llaman "doctor", y con una entidad psicologica hipertrofiada llamada "soberbia".

He aqui una breve lista de algunos de los grandes genios de la humanidad que nunca fueron a la universidad: Leonardo Da Vinci, Miguel Angel, James Watt, George Stephenson, Thomas Alva Edison, Charles Darwin, los hermanos Wright, Alexander Graham Bell (inventor del teléfono), Abraham Lincoln (presidente de los EEUU), Domingo Faustino Sarmiento (escritor/presidente), Miguel Lillo (biólogo y fundador de la facultad de ciencias naturales de la UNT), Jorge Luis Borges, Herman Hesse y José Saramago (premio Nobel de literatura estos dos últimos), Hernest Himingway (premio nobel de literatura), George Bernard Shaw, Micheal Faraday, Herman Melville, Henry Ford, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Benjamin Franklin, Henry David Thoreau, etc, etc, etc.

Cuando esté frente a una persona con títulos universitarios, no se sienta menos, porque la mayoria de los grandes genios de la humanidad nunca fueron a la universidad, y eran libres pensadores y libres de prejuicios académicos.

Por Carlos B. Camacho

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Munición del cañón Rheinmetall de 120 mm (video)

Los cañones alemanes Rheinmetall L44 y L55 de calibre 120 mm fueron diseñados para los tanques Leopardo 2A4 y 2A6/2A7 respectivamente. Los mismos también fueron fabricados para los tanques Leopardo 2E y el Strv-122, el primer español y el segundo sueco. Estos poderosos cañones de ánima lisa disparan dos tipos de municiones perforantes (antitanque y antibúnker):

1- de alta carga explosiva, que funde el acero del blindaje del carro blindado enemigo por la alta temperatura que generan en el momento del impacto;

2- de alta velocidad cinética, con sabot de aluminio y punta de uranio empobrecido o tungsteno, que perfora la coraza del tanque enemigo por la fuerza del impacto y la punta endurecida del proyectíl.

En el video se puede observar las expectaculares imágenes, con disparo de la munición sabot de alta velocidad cinética y el impacto de su proyectíl, como así también el poder de perforación/penetración que genera

 Impacto de proyectíl de munición de alta carga explosiva de cañón de 120 mm

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Most valuable currencies in history

The most valuable currency in history has not been the US dollar, nor has it been the British pound, nor the Euro. And if you are thinking about metals, like the 16th century Spanish Real, gold and silver coins were not the strongest currencies in history either, for the Spanish Empire declined and fell no matter how much gold its absolute kings hoarded. Neither is it today's the bitcoin the most valuable monetary unit, which is a virtual currency promoted by psychopathic billionaires to slowly take control of the world's economy and establish their own psychological government to control the population of the planet.

All the known currencies have not been the most highly-appraised by the population of any given country, for the value of these government-issued monetary units depends on political and financial stability, and that stability depends on decisions made by politicians, many of whom do not practice the virtue of crystal-clear transparency, for they rather take the crooked path that leads to the obscure and secret worlds of awry political and financial ventures and deals. When most of the politicians of the whole political spectrum get involved in murky financial affairs, it means that their behavior is perhaps a reflection of the country's cultural fabric, rendering a nation undeveloped, with their people bogged down in the squalor of poverty, and, sometimes, in a state of anarchy.

Objectively speaking, money, especially the material it is made of, has very little and insignificant value, for it does not nourish you body tissue if you eat it, nor is it good material to make a house or a bridge, or to protect your body from harsh weather conditions. It is not even good enough to make a fire, for wood is a lot better than the paper a currency is printed on as it lasts longer. However people still use it, because money's real worth is intangible and invisible.

Money's worth is symbolic and abstract, and it is the people who imbue it with an intrinsic psychological value as they make it circulate from hand to hand in the wheel of transactional trade and exchange of necessary and vital goods to establish and/or maintain a civilization. Therefore, the most valued currencies in the history of mankind have been honesty and trust, with the former simultaneously giving rise to the latter. The people must trust any given political system for them to make the government-issued bills and coins flow around in society. Honesty and trust give worth and life to a rectangular piece of paper that makes goods move around, from place to place, to supply the demand and human needs, sparking new enterprises and economic activities.

But trust only emerges in the heart of human beings when their political and social leaders are instilled with honesty, which is the human virtue of telling the truth, of never embezzling the public money, and never betraying the nation, which is the people and their cultural fabric, politically organized under a sovereign State. And in order to be 100% honest, a human being must have mental integrity, which is the psychological capacity of being one indivisible whole. Only an idiot would trust a criptocurrency, which is the brainchild of greedy psychopaths who lack empathy and integrity. Only a moron would trust a currency printed by a sovereign country whose corrupt and lying politicians made an alliance with lunatic and deviant billionaires to enslave the people and violate the Constitution (which guarantees political stability), resorting to schemes and mass media pseudo-science stories of a fictional virus and disease to control the population through fear.

Instead of promoting patterns of thinking and behavior based on honesty, integrity, empathy and mutual trust, billionaires and corrupt politicians in the USA and Europe use mass media to promote deep-seated fear of germs, social alienation, hidden awry behavior, and distrust from one another to break and tear apart the traditional fabric of the Western Civilization culture, which has been based on liberty, not on tyranny; on freedom of speech, not on censorship and deletion of creative thoughts.

When, in 1862, Abraham Lincoln had fiat paper money printed for the first time, the people of the northern States decided to trust the greenback, because it was issued by a government they trusted. They trusted the Republican government because they saw in Abraham Lincoln a man of crystal-clear honesty, moral integrity, courage, and steel will to keep the nation in one whole piece. He was a man of action, not a man of pompous speech. He did not care about political correctness. He cared about the freedom and well-being of the people. He promised the people union and freedom, and the people trusted him, making the greenback circulate from hand to hand.

In 2020, the principles of social equality and the inalienable rights of man and of the citizen were put in the pillory of tyranny and boundless greed. Only rational men of psychological completeness and mental stability can smell the stench and see the whole necrotic picture woven by the corrupt to take over the world. In 2020, mankind was put behind a surgical mask that hides away and smother humanity. In every country, a warm smile was cloaked and sealed behind the iron curtain of a mask, in every country except Sweden, where they decided not to lockdown the population and enforce the mask, for their authorities have abided by the laws of the Swedish sovereign State that guarantee individual freedom and the human rights.

In Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Sweden the lowest numbered of the fictional disease cases were registered not because they implemented an effective health policy. They registered the lowest cases of the "disease"-infected people because they are honest enough not to juggle with the statistics and inflate the numbers. I suppose that the Swedish krona, the Japanese yen, the Taiwanese dollar, and the South Korean won are the only currencies to be trusted these days.

(by Carlos Benito Camacho, a self-taught man from Tucuman, Argentina)

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