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Friday, January 8, 2021

Trump's historical legacy

Former President Donald J Trump had the power, the executive power, but he was not a powerful man, and this is a big irony. He was not powerful because he did not know how to use the power conferred upon him by the working people on the November 3, 2016, election. In this regard, he was a giant with feet of clay, or a paper tiger, expressing his daily moods in a flurry of whimsical tweets as he lacked temperance and firmness to act. In the rear view mirror of history, actions speak louder than words.

He did not dare to use power because he lacked the courage and resolution to fight for our constitutional rights and civil liberties. He neglected to effectively and tangible fight against electoral c*$$%ption and fr@%d, even though he had the legal power (the 2018's Emergency Order or the 1807 Insurrection Act) to order a thorough investigation and have the voting machines massively seized throughout the country, submitting them to forensic audits. 

Too much speech led him to commit dereliction of duty. This is so, because the main legal obligation and responsibility of the President of the United States is to enforce the law. And the first and fundamental law of the nation is the US Constitution, where the people's rights and civil liberties are consecrated. And this is where he failed, he failed to enforce the Constitution, letting the globalists and China dictates protocols and regulations that flagrantly violate and stain the sacred US foundational Charter. 

He abandoned his voters, the ordinary working people, to their own devices as he passively allowed Democratic and Republican governors dictate and impose psychopathic billonaires' decrees and CCP's rules upon the population, completely violating the USA's sovereign independence declared in 1776. Thus, he let them breach the American Constitution as he never sued them for this blatant infringement of the sacred American Carta Magna. He could have militarily intervened in these States to put their populations back under the aegis of the First Law, which is the Constitution, and thus protect their civil liberties and human rights.

Although he had the full support of the US Army and Navy, he let China and Venezuela freely interfere in the United States electoral process. He also let these crooked local dictators impose lockdowns on the people, imprisoning them and violating their HUMAN RIGHTS by not letting them work and earn their daily bread. He let governors and mayors rule their States and cities as if they were medieval feudal Lords, who still treat their population like serves and slaves to their every obscure whim.

Donald J Trump spent most of his last year in Office talking about the "disease", which was not a factual one but a mass media's psychological and cultural malware to imprison the people in a cage of fear and make of their neighborhoods sanitary ghettos. In every speech, he mentioned that "disease", even though it was, and still is, only an instrument of manipulation and electoral fr@%d. He let the giant pharmaceutical laboratories manufacture and sell dubious vaccines to treat a fictional infectious malady. Did not only Trump failed the people but he also demonstrated to be only a man of speech, pompous speech, but never a man of deeds. Thus, he was a hollow puppet of corrupt circumstances, like the rest of the swamp creatures.

Freedom is highly-valued currency, which is backed up not by a central bank's gold, but by the people's sovereign and steely determination to exert it daily and to fight against all those who want to enslave them. Long live America and the Western Civilization!

By Carl B Spinner

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